Sum total earnings of the party this quarter:

  • 1 Cart pulled by giant insectoid, species unknown
  • 1 chest of holding residuum, known by the city-state of urik to cause death by sorcerer king in humanoids. Your results may vary, please check with your local authorities for more information on the laws pertaining to your area. Residuum has been known to cause elevated heart rates, hypertension, dizziness and megalomania, please check with an arcanist before you use Residuum. Remember residuum may not be for everybody, please use it responsibly.
  • 4 barrels of a cheese like substance, edibility is questionable
  • 1 Solid Gold coffin lid, it is very heavy and cumbersome, side effects may include death by sorcerer king, tiefling king engraved on the face who may or may not be vengeful ghost
  • A rod (1d6 club) of racism
  • A crown of caffeine high
  • A cloak of chilling out
  • 20 aluminum arrowheads
  • 1 metal Longsword
  • 1 metal khopesh
  • 2 metal daggers
  • 2 weeks food per party member
  • 1 Vat of caustic acid, useful for dissolving, extracting salt, removing rust, and assisting in diplomatic talks
  • 1 elemental cleric who seems to be perpetually on fire, probably trustworthy
  • 1 Doppleganger prostitute, cannot be trusted

I was explicitly promised a Dark Sun

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