I was explicitly promised a Dark Sun

Bard's Log 10

A blast from the past...literally

Well, we continued further into the bowels of the ziggurat, still aware that we were nowhere near our goal, but we could still hope that we would have better luck than we had in the arena. The next area revealed an area which we surmised would one day hold the sorcerer king’s horde had he not met his sudden demise. It was dominated by a model of the ziggurat standing well over 10 feet tall and had a golden orb of some sort resting on top. My arcane sense was tingling so I set to fiddling with it. Cha’ka, on the other hand, was busy noticing the patrol that was quickly approaching, consisting of some kind of gorilla like creatures, some lizards and a satyr. I guess Kalak was a strong proponent of affirmative action.

I had just figured out how to open the orb revealing some sort of dark sphere glowing darkly. I know that doesn’t make sense but it’s a bit hard to explain, the sphere radiated dark light, or something. Regardless, we started fighting and I am proud to say we were much better this time around, filling our enemies with brand new orifices before they died of blood loss. The dark sphere…thing… began to suck in everything around it for about 6 seconds before winking out of existence. I remembered that it was called a gravity orb but it doesn’t seem very useful. The only interesting thing we found was a massive and magical map of the ziggurat and a secret pathway to the golden tower. I should remember this for future use and throw it in the thieves guild’s faces.

We continued upward and saw a massive room filled a substance I recognized though I was still unsure of it’s name. It’s a byproduct of a lot of magic, like sawdust in a sawmill. Unlike sawdust this stuff can have horrible effects on living creatures and is not something I would like to have contact with. Luckily the room had a massive, and I mean several hundred feet across massive, book floating in the middle. We began to make our way over the literature when I glanced down wondering what was written. This caused it to blow up. I was only vaguely familiar with magic of this nature. I though it had died out long ago but I guess someone was still practicing it. We ran into a problem in the middle as the cleft in the middle of the book had filled with the substance making a gap 20 feet across. Uzemaya vaulted over and Strug only just avoided diving headfirst into the stuff. I hopped onto the back of Cha’ka hoping she would think of something and in response she lazily flew over without effort.

Of course things couldn’t be that easy as some strange humanoid creatures emerged from the goo. They seemed to consist of energy trapped into a human form and carried weapons of a similar make. We weighed our options and realizing we were still a few hundred feet from the entrance decided to see if they were immune to a beating. It turns out they were not as they died like everything else we’ve come into contact with. And, I write with pride, I managed to snag one of there weapons before it dissipated. That’s right, I have a god damn laser sword and as soon as I find the ritual to turn it into a fullblade I will be the most awe inspiring bard that has ever walked the face of Athas. Those guys who killed Kalak will be mere footnotes in the book that will record my deeds, because I have a laser sword, and will use it to bring justice to all those within arms reach. Already wicked solos are dancing their way through my mind. The future actually looks pretty hopeful, for me at least. We still haven’t found a way to turn Strug’s rod into brass knuckles, and my crown won’t be the conversationalist his rod is either. Still, god damn laser sword.



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