I was explicitly promised a Dark Sun

Bard's Log 12ish?


Well, I missed last weeks entry but it can be summarized thusly. We met a few more of the ziggurat’s occupants and killed them. A few of the notables being some ice creatures who seemed nice enough but the language barrier and my rapidly dwindling patience meant that killing them was a far quicker and more reasonable option. I also tried my hand at defiling but it lacked the rush provided by more common mind altering substances and the glares from my compatriots served as a warning not to try it again.

We did find the king’s library which we perused and found a series of increasingly irritating traps. The first book covered me in acid and while I got rid of the arcane trap on the second apparently I wasn’t cautious enough because the book was also coated in a layer of poison, which itself had a separate arcane trap covering it which itself was trapped by a large guillotine in the middle of the room which, if it missed, would cause the library floor to fall onto a bed of spikes. Admittedly the last few are fake but still, the sorcerer king is a bastard who I am once again glad met a grisly end.

We did find some books which, through a bit of cogitating, we found took us elsewhere in the area. We also found that we needed to get to the golden tower, so our way out was in the other building. We did however, find our first people who seemed to be genuinely helpful. I postulate that this is because they are already dead and are therefor immune to our groups normal method of social interaction i.e. homicidal violence. They directed us to the golden tower and we proceeded to do a large amount of backtracking. In the tower we found a treasure room of sorts and a few of us grabbed a handful of coins. Honestly, at this point in time money had become meaningless to me. We’ve always had more than we could use and nowhere to spend it. It’s been a bit of a pain actually but I at least found a nice crown to replace my old one. It started whispering to me after I defiled and the last thing I need is more enmity from the rest of the group. Besides it obviously isn’t that great seeing as how it’s old owner ended up.

We reached the top, jumped into a bucket and once again found ourselves at the top of the ziggurat, though this time with no other way out. We found the corpse of the sorcerer king and saw that he was in fact, very dead. Well, we broke down some false walls, found the stargate, or some massive stone gate that isn’t like the stargate. Admittedly I don’t have much to compare it to. We destroyed a few more walls with Strug breaking my weapon in the process, something I’m still a bit bitter about. But given the defiling, which I hope they forget about soon because those glares are getting old and I have yet to hear a thank you for the amazing solos I play on the battlefield invigorating their spirit and restoring their stamina. Sigh, my work is rarely appreciated.

Oh well, after a bit of sacrifice on our part we got the gate up and running when we got a nasty surprise, though not as nasty as I was suspecting. We heard a voice from behind and I thought the sorcerer king had decided to get up and introduce himself. It turns out that Kered had, in fact, gotten hit with the vat of acid we had thrown in after him. It had not improved his look or his attitude. Then the shit hit the fan. We started fighting, the sorcerer king got up and started fighting, everyone was fighting everyone else, I once again saw a light at the end of the tunnel due to a severe beating and I don’t know how, but Strug managed to somehow summon tentacled abominations from the gate. I can’t explain it but I know it’s somehow his doing. So, kered managed to escape using one of his dirty wizard/vampire tricks and we escaped as best we could. I’m writing this in the strange luminescent tunnel between worlds, the end of which hopefully leads somewhere more pleasant than Athas, where my genius will be appreciated.



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