I was explicitly promised a Dark Sun

Warlord's log 1

Well, a lot has happened in the last month, and unfortunately most of my time was spent researching the various ways an appropriated object might be a tax write off and how property laws may change based on whether or not the owner is deceased and no relatives are close by or still alive.

After passing through the portal we found ourselves in a verdant paradise, covered in vegetation with water flowing freely across the countryside. Wandering around for a bit we came upon a body of water so massive we could only guess as to its true size as it extended far beyond the horizon. We would later learn that this is called an ocean. It was at this point that we were attacked by dinosaurs. Fairy dinosaurs. For a while I thought I was simply hallucinating, I’m not an expert in extraplanar travel and a skewed perception could be a reasonable side affect of such arcane workings. Further compounded by the fact our Thri-Kreen appears to have experienced some sort of transformation, becoming a more bestial humanoid of some sort. She seems more confused than anything, although she was fairly inscrutable prior to her change. Insects aren’t known for the expressions. As the fey beasts charged we decided to play it safe and engage in the time honored tradition of beating things to death. We washed ourselves off in the ocean, still a bit taken aback that so much water could exist in one place, and noticed signs of civilization further down the coast.

It turned out to be a small town located at the mouth of the river and I went about integrating myself into the local populace, my specialty, most of the time, barring extenuating circumstances, which seem to happen with frightening regularity. We experienced alcohol that was both transparent and didn’t taste like something indescribably foul, a glamoured suit that can change it’s appearance (which I swore on the spot I would take before we left) and apparently a longstanding hatred between a tailor and a smith. We also become familiar with the local law enforcement, as Kered “warned” them a group of disreputable people would be coming through town, but thanks to my negotiating skills we managed to smooth out this issue, for the most part. The sheriff was at least kind enough to point us in the right direction, another town further inland. We made preparations to leave, and unbeknown to me our seeker decided to take a package from an extremely disreputable person for a suspicious amount of money to a person who would probably use it for evil purposes. This will become important in the near future.

The next town was similar to the last, although we decided to stop at one of their “churches” and educate ourselves, mainly so we could stop looking like the murderous tourists we were. It turns out that Kered had a similar idea, assaulting some of the local clergy and absconding with several volumes in the process. Part of me pities him actually, he’s probably having a difficult time adjusting to the fact that most people won’t look at him, what with being horribly disfigured. On the other hand I wish he would just stay dead, this place is amazing and he’s ruining it by acting extremely irresponsibly.

Remember when I said that our seekers mysterious package would have serious consequences? Well that night something started leveling the town. The sound was deafening and these waves of energy were slowly shearing the tops of buildings and moving downward. Given that these would eventually effect us we decided to investigate the source of the energy and found the recipient of the package astride a massive statue which periodically emanated these trimming waves of force. Fighting ensued, during which the man’s skin began to come off in segments revealing a scaled figure beneath. I think he was hoping this would dissuade us from our violent course of action, but he was unprepared for Strug’s rebuttal, which came in the form of a savage, and eventually fatal beating. I should note that transforming into a bestial parody of man did not effect Cha’ka’s combat prowess as much as I initially surmised, though she’s having issues having to sleep now, something almost completely foreign to her. That was an interesting night let me tell you, but a story for my memoirs, not this log.

Suffice to say we killed the snake creature, though for whatever reason the town populace blamed us for the incident. The leader, a nobleman of some sort demanded we get a skull to compensate for the damages, I guess the skull belonged to one of their religious icons, though I can’t imagine how lucky he was given the average saint tends to meet a fairly grisly demise more often than not. We decided to play along, the skull was important, we’d get a reward of some sort, and we’d have slightly fewer ingrates angry at us. I know the citizens weren’t happy their town was now at a shoulder level but without our intervention they would all be dead. Of course without the seeker none of this would have happened. Admittedly this sort of speculation is not particularly helpful, it does little to change our current circumstances.


I recall telling everyone that I got such a good price on the cart and Ox becasue we were also delivering a package. Its not my fault you all didn’t check it first for arcane energies.

Warlord's log 1

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