A man of many faces, yet they all sing of glory and valor


Changeling Bard (Bard)
Level 2, Unaligned
XP: 1000
Languages: Common

Str 10 ( +0) +10(Starting)+10(Starting)
Con 16 ( +3) +16(Starting)+16(Starting)
Dex 10 ( +0) +10(Starting)+10(Starting)
Int 14 ( +2) +12(Starting)+2(Changeling)+12(Starting)+2(Changeling)
Wis 10 ( +0) +10(Starting)+10(Starting)
Cha 18 ( +4) +16(Starting)+2(Changeling)+16(Starting)+2(Changeling)

Hit Points
Max HP: 33 +16(Con)+12(Bard 1)+5(Bard 2)
Bloodied: 16 +16(1/2 HP)
Surge: 8 +8(1/4 HP)
Surges/Day: 10 +7(Bard)+3(Con mod)

Defenses and Senses
AC: 17 +10(Constant)+1(1/2 Level)+6(Chainmail)
Fort: 14 +10(Constant)+1(1/2 Level)+0(Fortitude Defense Class Bonus)+3(Con mod)
Ref: 14 +10(Constant)+1(1/2 Level)+1(Reflex Defense Class Bonus)+2(Int mod)
Will: 17 +10(Constant)+1(1/2 Level)+1(Will Defense Class Bonus)+1(Mental Defense)+4(Cha mod)

Passive Perception: 15 +5(Perception)+10(Constant)
Passive Insight: 18 +8(Insight)+10(Constant)

Initiative: 1 +1(1/2 Level)+0(Initiative Misc)+0(Dex mod)
Speed: 5 +6(Changeling)-1(Chainmail)
Vision: Normal

Conditional Defenses:
AC +2 without armor: heavy – Intelligence modifier

Race and Class Features
Change Shape [Changeling]
Use changeling disguise as an at-will power
Mental Defense [Changeling]
+1 to Will
Shapechanger [Changeling]
You have the shapechanger quality.
Changeling Trick [Changeling]
You have the changeling trick power.
Bluff Bonus [Changeling]

Insight Bonus [Changeling]

Bardic Training [Bard]
Gain Ritual Caster feat and perform one bard ritual per day without expending components
Bardic Virtue [Bard]
Choose a Bardic Virtue option.
Virtue of Valor [Bard]
When an ally within 5 squares bloodies or reduces a foe to 0 hp, ally gains 1 + your Con mod temporary hp (1/rd) (3 + Con mod at 11th, 5 + Con mod at 21st)
Majestic Word [Bard]
Gain majestic word power
Multiclass Versatility [Bard]
Can choose class-specific multiclass feats from more than one class
Skill Versatility [Bard]
+1 to untrained skill checks
Song of Rest [Bard]
At end of short rest, you and each ally spending a healing surge adds your Cha mod to hp regained
Words of Friendship [Bard]
Gain the words of friendship power

Ritual Caster
Master and perform rituals
Bard of All Trades
+3 bonus to untrained skill checks
Strength of Valor
Virtue of Valor also grants +2 damage

Changeling Disguise [Minor Action]
Vicious Mockery [Standard Action]
Unarmed – Attack: 5 vs. Will, Damage: 1d6+4 (Psychic)
Guiding Strike [Standard Action]
Longsword – Attack: 8 vs. AC, Damage: 1d8+4
Unarmed – Attack: 5 vs. AC, Damage: 1d4+4

Changeling Trick [Minor Action]
Words of Friendship [Minor Action]
Inspiring Refrain [Standard Action]
Longsword – Attack: 8 vs. AC, Damage: 2d8+4
Unarmed – Attack: 5 vs. AC, Damage: 2d4+4
Second Wind [Standard Action]
Action Point [Free Action]
Majestic Word [Minor Action]
Unarmed – Attack: 1 vs. Unknown, Damage:

Stirring Shout [Standard Action]
Unarmed – Attack: 5 vs. Will, Damage: 2d6+4 (Psychic)
Song of Courage [Minor Action]

Acrobatics: 4 +1(1/2 Level)+4(Acrobatics Misc)-1(Armor Penalty)+0(Dex mod)
Arcana: 8 +1(1/2 Level)+5(Trained)+0(Arcana Misc)+2(Int mod)
Athletics: 4 +1(1/2 Level)+4(Athletics Misc)-1(Armor Penalty)+0(Str mod)
Bluff: 12 +1(1/2 Level)+5(Trained)+2(Bluff Misc)+4(Cha mod)
Diplomacy: 10 +1(1/2 Level)+5(Trained)+0(Diplomacy Misc)+4(Cha mod)
Dungeoneering: 5 +1(1/2 Level)+4(Dungeoneering Misc)+0(Wis mod)
Endurance: 7 +1(1/2 Level)+4(Endurance Misc)-1(Armor Penalty)+3(Con mod)
Heal: 5 +1(1/2 Level)+4(Heal Misc)+0(Wis mod)
History: 8 +1(1/2 Level)+5(Trained)+0(History Misc)+2(Int mod)
Insight: 8 +1(1/2 Level)+5(Trained)+2(Insight Misc)+0(Wis mod)
Intimidate: 9 +1(1/2 Level)+4(Intimidate Misc)+4(Cha mod)
Nature: 5 +1(1/2 Level)+4(Nature Misc)+0(Wis mod)
Perception: 5 +1(1/2 Level)+4(Perception Misc)+0(Wis mod)
Religion: 7 +1(1/2 Level)+4(Religion Misc)+2(Int mod)
Stealth: 4 +1(1/2 Level)+4(Stealth Misc)-1(Armor Penalty)+0(Dex mod)
Streetwise: 9 +1(1/2 Level)+4(Streetwise Misc)+4(Cha mod)
Thievery: 4 +1(1/2 Level)+4(Thievery Misc)-1(Armor Penalty)+0(Dex mod)

Simple Melee [Bard]
Simple Ranged [Bard]
Military Ranged [Bard]
Implement Proficiency (Wand) [Bard]
Longsword [Bard]
Scimitar [Bard]
Short sword [Bard]

Cloth [Bard]
Leather [Bard]
Hide [Bard]
Chainmail [Bard]
Light Shield [Bard]



Adventurer’s Kit(quantity: 2)
Ritual Book

/> Appearance





An anomaly even by the distorted standards of Athas, this individual was found by a caravan passing through the desert. He appeared half dead of thirst and exposure, his memories concerning his situation were sketchy and unreliable, yet even then he showed a knack for storytelling and music, something which convinced the caravan to assist this lost individual. Since then he has worked for many employers performing a wide variety of tasks, most on the straight and narrow though others fell into the realms of questionable morality. Still he always has time to spin a tale or play a tune, with a definite predisposition towards the heroes of bygone ages who faced overwhelming odds but managed to persevere through strength, cunning and sometimes just being luckier than their opponent. He wants to craft a story for the current age, but unfortunately heroic individuals are in remarkably short supply. The heroes in the stories have abilities approaching that of the sorcerer kings themselves, and if such a person existed today they would be destroyed by the kings to maintain the status quo. Yet he continues to hope and travel, doing what he must to make ends meet. He finds he doesn’t really care about his past, not with so much going on every day, he simply counts himself lucky he was found when death is so prevalent out in the wastes.


I was explicitly promised a Dark Sun Unzealous