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The Chloroforged

The world of Athas has seen wars that have consumed entire species, motivated by nothing but pure hatred and spite. With over a millenia of fighting there is not an inch of earth that hasn’t been consecrated by the blood of fallen warriors. There are an untold number of unmarked graves littering the land, forgotten by time, but for many this is not their final rest. Their spirits cry out in rage and frustration, a reflection of their final moments in life. The majority of these shades simply fade away over time, becoming one with the ephemera of the afterlife, but for a few their cries are not only heard, but are answered.

While the natural world has been warped and wounded it has not been destroyed, if anything it has been strengthened, the defiling acting as a cruel sort of natural selection, making what natural spirits remained extremely tenacious and incredibly angry. These forces found kindred spirits in the fallen warriors and so a bargain was struck.

It begins with a single seed or spore, making its way to one of the corpses littering the ground. It sprouts and the growth begins to follow a very peculiar path. The roots wrap around the skeleton until a rudimentary circulatory system is created. Around that a wood-like substance forms, filling out musculature until the amalgamation of plant and bone claws it’s way to the surface and begins it’s work.

Few have ever seen these creatures, and they are therefor surrounded by myth and rumor. Some believe that the spirits anger is used only as fuel for the creature who are otherwise under control of the primal spirits. Others believe that the spirit inhabits this new body and is essentially given a new lease on life, a chance to try and fix mistakes they made in life. While the truth is unknown it’s generally agreed that these things are metal as fuck.

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