I was explicitly promised a Dark Sun

Bard's Log 7

I'm allergic to stabbings

Of course we escaped from the underground chamber filled with water, thanks to my innate ability to open locked doors by hitting them and giving the rest of the party the thumbs up. Good news though, the water did return from the feywild and we destroyed a part of eladrin culture that had been going on for centuries, which serves them right in my opinion. We refilled our barrels of water and even washed off the larger chunks of eladrin which made us, by Athas standards, ready for a formal event.

Our happiness wouldn’t last though, as it once again was competing against anger, frustration and irritation, all of whom have a definite advantage in the wasteland. This was proven a few days after leaving the oasis when we met a very conspicuous fellow borne on a palanquin carried by little birdlike people called Kenku. He blocked the road and started with a practiced patter, began selling us magical items and company for the evening. He also appeared to be able to sense my arcane powers, which is a bit worrying. We tried to convince him we weren’t interested but he wasn’t having it and eventually sent his kenku flunkies scurrying over the cart. I tried to scare them off by dramatically waving my sword around but that only caused everyone to draw weapons, which I figured was inevitable but still not comforting. I tried to talk him down but I felt that fighting was a foregone conclusion and attacked.

Some of what I write next is based on what I learned from my companions as I was once again stabbed into unconsciousness fairly early in the fight. Cha’ka and I were quickly surrounded and it turns out the little bird people are able combatants, stabbing me in many of my important organs. I understand that the fight continued for a bit until we were saved by a fire genasi striding out of the palanquin looking extremely disgruntled and mostly naked. With a wave of his hand I awoke to see one of Uzemaya’s arrows veer off into the desert and apparently spawn a small whirlwind. I guess that’s a possible consequence of dealing with primal spirits. Not to mention that the wind kicked up a sandstorm making moving difficult. Did I mention the wasteland is an unforgiving and unpleasant place? I must have somewhere. Regardless, I noticed that the human leader attacked with a claw of some sort which I initially thought was a strange weapon but as the fight progressed I realized he wasn’t all that he appeared. This was confirmed as he was struck down and seemed to transform into a swarm of crows, though I don’t think he planned for the whirlwind as they were immediately sucked in and reduced to a swarm of feathers and giblets. The remaining kenku proved to be less formidable when they couldn’t surround an individual and were quickly dealt with.

It turns out that he wasn’t lying about having magical gear though, as his palanquin contained a very generous supply which we distributed amongst ourselves, though I noticed that Uzemaya’s weapon was incredibly powerful before it’s power winked out and reappeared significantly less potent. Weird. We also found another doppleganger sleeping in a locked chest which arose and slapped me. You know, I thought I was a bit of an anomaly but I’m starting to think otherwise, this being the second doppleganger I’ve seen in as many weeks. Having killed her employer we decided that sentencing her, him, it, whatever, to a slow death in the wastes was a bit heartless, which I know is coming from the group that destroyed a large piece of eladrin culture and most of the witnesses. We decided to take her and the genasi to Tyr.

Things were uneventful for another day though we met with a winged drake and it’s dray rider. I convinced him we weren’t the people he was looking for and he flew off. I guess Raam doesn’t employ it’s best and brightest for dray riding. He returned the next day, extremely irritated that he had been duped. It took effort to keep myself from laughing thus exposing my current disguise. He wasn’t taking no for an answer, though he was willing to take a look in the back of the wagon which quickly earned him a dunking in the acid courtesy of Strug.

He and his drake attacked us though to be honest they weren’t nearly as competent as the kenku from before. We attacked them with everything we had, the dray falling quite quickly though the drake took a bit longer. They just couldn’t withstand our combined strength, which just proves my theory that focusing on a target is a superior option. I just wish the rest of the party would listen. With his dying breath the dray promised that more like him would be coming. I guess he didn’t think that if we killed him easily that might not be much of a threat. Next log should hopefully involve us reaching Tyr! Huzzah.



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